Freelancing Business


Freelancing Business

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Andreas wanted a website that he could be able to manage the content on his own, without having technical knowledge. He is an avid blogger with a lot of followers and a conspicuous nutritionist. is a blog-centric website with integrated e-commerce functionality, that acts as the leading channel for his customer acquisition.


"Working with FOCSSY helped me create a near six figures freelancing business in a couple of years. The simple yet unique implementation process of their strategic planning, helped me have an open ended communication with my target audience, a great local visibility and a progressive conversion rate that I never expected a web presence could give me."

Andreas Zourdos

Expert Nutritionist, Founder of

I’m FOCSSY’s founder, entrepreneur, multilingual, fitness fanatic, avid burger lover and reading enthusiast. When I don’t code or design while sipping my favourite coffee blend, you can find me training relentlessly at the local gym, reading, or playing with my awesome dog.

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